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Backyard Destinations

When listening to the voicemail, I'll be the first to admit I was... flabbergasted! A couple looking for a wedding photographer for a ceremony in less than 48hrs!? Naturally, my thoughts went downhill. What happened? Who left them in this position? This poor couple! Can I help? I should help! How can I help?! Luckily, every year I schedule myself a holiday break; I set aside 2-3 weeks to myself and my family. This ceremony was nestled at the heart of 'holiday break' which was perfect! I had the time available to make it work. I immediately called Jason back, and found out more about their story. Jason and Hannah didn't have a large wedding planned. They hadn't had someone cancel on them last minute (yes, that happens!). Simply put, these two wanted something small and meaningful for themselves. They even had discussed a courthouse wedding. With the current issues facing us today, they took the advice and help from Hannah's parents and elected to have just a little bit more. Hannah had a dress on that sparkled and glowed, Jason was dressed to the nines, and they came all the way to Florida from Kentucky, just so Grandma could see the union in person. The celebration.

Married in the backyard garden in front of brothers, parents, and of course, Grandma.

A friend of the family: an Official Notary.

One Professional Photographer waiting on each tender moment.

Then back to Grandma's house for pictures and cake! I felt like one of the family. It was so beautiful.

Often I think we forget the beauty in simplicity. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's anything less than extraordinary.

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