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"Can you give the phone to mommy?"

Oh my goodness.

Let me say that again, but with a "thank you for being so understanding and patient!"

I am a small business owner. I work from a studio as a professional photographer. However, my studio is on my home property. This means I also double as a less than traditional stay-at-home mom (I'm an OG circa 2018, but you can raise your hands high if you are now a permanent work from home mom/dad due to the pandemic).

My cell phone is always near me so I can respond to messages, emails, and questions. Also for answering calls, of course, when it's not about my car's extended warranty or miraculous student debt payoffs.

Well, the other day I had the most humbling of experiences involving my cell phone. My toddler answered my phone. No, it wasn't a spam call and it certainly was not intentional on my part (just on Aiden's).

It was mid afternoon and Brenna, my one year old daughter, needed her nap so I set up cartoons for my son to enjoy for 30 minutes while I snuck from the living room down the hall to the nursery. I had been sitting, rocking, and cooing Brenna to sleep for about ten minutes when I hear Aiden running through the house yelling.

"Momma! (scamper) Momma?! (scamper) Momma, where are you at?!"

Naturally, rolling my eyes I call to him, thinking his show must be on a commercial break or he forgot what I told him about Brenna's nap... maybe he just didn't listen. He is only three after all. He runs down the hall and to my bedroom and bathroom, going right past the nursery.

"I'm in here!" I yell after a moment of solid eye rolling. Brenna leans up, sits up and attempts to get down and run away and I wonder to myself why I'm the only one in the house that really wants a nap.

Aiden rounds the corner, phone in hand yelling "Momma your phone's ringing! Momma he wants to talk to you!"

WHAT? He who?! Faking the best calm-mom I could I say "Thank you so much, little man,"

"You're welcome, I'mma go watch Transformers" and he hands me the phone and runs out of the room.

He hands me the phone, screen on, call active, and I see a wedding clients name on the screen. $%#$^&%^$#@%$^&$&$%!!!!!!!

The client was calling to confirm things regarding their engagement session and Aiden had answered the phone and started talking to them. After apologizing profusely and explaining that I didn't know he knew how to answer my phone, my client explained the fun story. He thought it was just an accident and I was nearby, until Aiden started telling him about breakfast and cartoons, at which point he asked "Is mommy around? Can I talk to her?". My client also thought it was quite funny hearing Aiden running through the house calling for me (Thank goodness I wasn't using the bathroom!!).

If I learned anything last week it's:

  1. I have unbelievably understanding and amazingly sweet clients.

  2. My toddler is smarter than I give him credit for.

  3. I need to leave my phone in harder-to-access locations.

Here is my CEO/CFO/Assistant today. Helping me with my finances at the local bank. Not pictured is the Chairwoman of the Board, my daughter Brenna.

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