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Faith, Hope, and Love

Backyard? Wedding? Backyard Wedding? Heck yes! Faith and Heather tied the know with custom vows in their very own family backyard. What wonderful memories to be able to enjoy just by looking out your window.

Rain attempted to put a damper on this day, but it was there and gone. With the help of all family members, the tables were set, the chairs were placed and the candles in the pool were lit. Attention to detail was everywhere (I mean floating candles in a pool! Can you say awesome!?)

I was so happy to be invited as the photographer for Faith and Heather's wedding. They were acquaintances of mine, but you have to have trust in someone to ask them to take pictures at your wedding, so I felt very honored.

The wedding matched the happy couple, simple yet elegant with family love all around. Congratulations!

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