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Flip the Script

So often I see professional photographers complaining about smart phone use during weddings and I totally get it! *It's unfortunate that, while I'm capturing the moments of a wedding as a vendor, guests who were specially chosen by the couple are missing the moment while trying to take their own pictures. I've been in their shoes. I know it's exciting and you want your own images to look back on and enjoy, even share with others. *I have received (multiple times, mind you) concerned messages from brides about unflattering images guests captured that churned up insecurities and emotions. *I have had my own shots ruined by eager family members. It happens no matter how hard you try to move or accommodate. It happens. NOW that I've said that, I'm going to say this. *I wouldn't have it any other way!* I'll still get the shot. I'll still make sure the bride looks and feels pretty inside and out. I'll still get the images so the newlyweds can enjoy and remember their day. Technology has given us a beautiful gift: the ability to share. This image I have from November filled my heart with joy. This gentleman quietly captured the whole wedding via video conference for (what looked like) an elderly family member unable to make the trip. I would have given anything for someone to have done this for my grandmother who was unable to come to our wedding due to travel and illness. Unplugged weddings are amazing, but no matter how you choose to celebrate your ceremony, it will always be beautiful.

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