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Let's Get Married!

This wedding was the beginning of a fantastic friendship between the bride, Kathy, and myself. Little did I realize how close we would get in the years to come.

Layfield farms is tucked away off the grid in Levy county. They cater to small and intimate weddings mostly through family, friends and word of mouth. The barn is vintage in style and sits among some tall oaks with a huge open field to the west.

The wedding was beautiful and Kathy's son walked her down the isle. You are never too young or old to have a wonderful wedding. Burl was near tears when he saw his bride but he held it to the very end.

After the ceremony was over, we hopped into the truck and rode down to see the groom's mother who was unable to make the ceremony due to health and age limitations. The surprise visit of the bride and groom in their official attire was splendid and Mrs. Dyals was such a sweet lady to meet.

Returning to Layfield farms will be a treat in the future. They are growing and making spectacular improvements to the venue.

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