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Me time!

I’d like to take this time to share a little bit about myself and my own story.

My name is Keely. I moved to North Central Florida in 2008 from the great white North, also known as Wisconsin. I like good cheese, good beer, and everything to do with the outdoors. I truly miss the seasons, even the snow and ice.

I moved to Gainesville to pursue my BS in Animal Science. yes, you read that right, I was prepping for work as a veterinarian but ended up spending roughly six years as a specialty/surgical technician. I have some amazing stories about some amazing cases but I won’t get into that right now. I completed schooling in 2013 and not soon after met my amazing husband in 2014, totally by chance on Facebook. We have a very blessed life with an amazing, smart son and another baby on the way! I’m surrounded by animals at home. Two dogs, a cat, a huge fish tank, 11 chickens, and my husbands horse. We enjoy spending our time at home as a family. All three of us love being outside, except me during mosquito season... then I hide inside like it’s Armageddon.

Fun fact: I love Nerf guns. A lot. If you offered me the chance to play Nerf wars in the backyard... I would literally jump for joy.

As far as photography goes, I began my business mostly as a hobby in 2012. I always worked full time but as the years went by I graduated to semi-pro. Now, eight years later, I operate a fully equipped professional photography business. I got my LLC in 2017 after i got married. In 2018, after the birth of our son, I went completely full time with photography. I love the business aspects just as much as I love the artistic side.

Fun fact: I like saltwater fishing and I’m a certified open water scuba diver. I need to take a refresher course in the springs once it warms up, but I’ve been scuba diving in the Florida Keys, Belize, and the Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac). I got to travel a lot as a young girl; I’ve also visited the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, London, and Abaco (the area of the Bahamas that was devastated by Dorian).

My mom gave me my first DSLR camera. She is a very talented wildlife photographer and when she upgraded her equipment, she let me try out my first Nikon D70. I still use Nikon to this day, I also still have that original camera but it’s retired. I primarily shoot my sessions on two Nikon D750s and an assortment of lenses.

Another fun fact: I am a bookworm. I can and will read for hours given the opportunity. I like urban fantasy novels as well as science fiction and romance. I can count on one hand the books I’ve read that don’t fall into those categories including Memoirs of a Geisha and The Help. **if you tip me an amazon gift card I will use it to buy kindle books, guaranteed**

I think in the near future I’ll do some Q&A videos so people can ask their own questions. I’m also thinking about doing a client open house. I’m always looking for my next big adventure.

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