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Never Have I Ever

When I first met Forrest and Millie, I was working a wedding. I had been adamantly taking pictures of guests so the bride and groom could look back and fondly remember everyone in attendance. I try to do this at every wedding if I can help it. The photographer who shot my own wedding did it and some of those photos I can still picture in my mind. Millie and Forrest were sitting together. Forrest was making fun and witty conversation and Millie was right there by his side. She asked for my information and mentioned they had family coming for Christmas and wanted family pictures. I offered her my pricing on the fly and said I'd be back with a card. Well I forgot. I'd love to say I sat and talked further and handed over my contact information but I got right back to work and completely forgot.

A month or so later, Millie found my Facebook page and contacted me. WHAT?! Now that was awesome. I was beside myself because after I saw they'd left the wedding reception I had thought "Oh nice one, Keely... maybe next time you should, you know, have a business card on you. Very Professional... not." Millie and I spoke and I gave her a quote for family services. I did not quote her additionally per person. She even asked a second time and said she wanted to make sure I was paid fairly. We arranged the session, later I got the address and we were scheduled. She kept telling me it was a lot of people and I thought again ''Okay, thats fine! No big deal... I do weddings. I'm invincible!". HA. I responded professionally and told her it would be a great session, no matter what!

Well it wasn't just a great session, it was AMAZING! From the moment I got to the Dixie Sportsman Lodge, I felt like family. Never have I ever had a session with that many faces before... and I would do it again tomorrow if I could. Heck, if I hadn't needed to go home, I had been offered the most delicious smelling, freshly smoked brisket. It was very difficult to leave.

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