Focus on the Photographer

Well, shoot!

That's a funny accent you've got there!

Well, that's  because I'm not actually a local. I do try my hardest to blend in while being a contributing member of my community, but sometimes I can't help but show my 'yankee' roots.

I spent my entire youth in Wisconsin. We had the sun in the summer, the snow in the winter, and just about every comfort food you can imagine. I absolutely love my home state and all the beautiful things it offers. But....

Nothing compares to the amazing place I find myself in now. I completed my BS in Animal Biology from the University of Florida and a year later, met my husband. We now have two beautiful children, which you need only ask, and I'll herald you with their latest stories.


So where does photography fit in? Well it was always there! It was there when I had my first film camera in middle school, to getting my first DSLR from my mom in college. Now I bring my passion, friendliness, and professionalism to everything I do. 

Oh, also...

I can ride a horse. I can drive a motorcycle. I can scuba dive. 

I read Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I watch cooking and baking shows (Put down the white truffle oil!)

My favorite food is anything sushi related.

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