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How It Works, Start to Finish Line

On picture day, we arrive early to setup all equipment, tent, lighting, and samples in a professional and organized manner. An assistant or two may be hired to provide added support for large teams or full days. Assistants help with checking in athletes, answering questions, and in some cases capturing the attention of the littlest players for their photo.

As players arrive, they give their name to the assistant or photographer and are checked in against a final roster supplied by the league. A quick headshot is taken to match the athlete to their name which also allows the online gallery’s ‘Facefind’ to automatically put their images together into their online gallery. The athlete then will have a set of individual photos taken in multiple poses (usually lasting no longer than 30 seconds -1 minute). The assistant writes down the athlete’s code on their picture day card which is either given to a coach, parent, or older players.

Once all the photos are taken, they are edited and uploaded into the Photoday gallery, where Facefind sorts them into individual galleries so there’s no more sifting through large amounts of pictures, and images are secure and private.

Parents who’ve opted in via text, will receive a message with a direct link to their child’s gallery where they can view before they purchase. All purchases are made online and shipped straight to the home from a professional print lab so there’s no bent or ruined pictures from transport in athlete’s bags, and no pickup responsibilities for the organization to handle.

Should something go awry, We are local and available via text, phone, or email to answer questions and tackle any concerns from parents, volunteers, or league coordinators.


All Athletes get individual and group photos taken on picture day.

Are you ready to ace your photo day?

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